We have been working on developing unique enterprise solutions involving AI, Workflow and traditional BI that are helping customers improve efficiency significantly and achieving excellent ROI’s. Here are a few examples of them:

  • ESG+Supply Chain: Our solution in ESG domain involves a causal AI product built by our product partner Parabole.AI, which can optimize supply chain incorporating ESG data from suppliers (Scope 3). The solution can also scan public and private domain information to determine compliance gaps (such as, from news sources) and highlight any red flag. The solution is being integrated with an ESG dashboard that provides consolidated KPI metrics within an ERM (Enterprise Risk Management framework). This represents an end-to-end integrated ESG solution that addresses the gaps in current supply chain space.
  •  Data Privacy: Our Data Privacy solutions using AI and Workflow can help determine sensitive data that needs to be protected at rest and in transit. These include Redaction and encryption of specific data for audit. Our solution differs from others in the ability to provide flexibility to opt in and out of protecting privacy data based on context.
  • Policy Mapping: Our causal AI based solution enables customers to map policies and standards enforced by government and legislative bodies to controls and processes of the organization automatically, saving significant time and effort, and avoiding costly penalties. ESG Taxonomy & Data Harmonization, ESG Data Quality Validation, and Risk Decision for ESG have also been incorporated in the solution. Combining with workflow, we also enable policy management lifecycle providing the ability to compare past and present policies, policies from different jurisdictions etc.
  • Data Lineage/supply chain & Metadata Management: In data lineage & supply chain solution, we extend the Policy Mapping to data level changes for financial, regulatory and compliance reporting. This again represents a unique solution that is currently not addressed by other solutions in the marketplace at present.

Some of our future enhancements of solutions are planned to include:

  • Conversational AI interface as a last mile solution for users to interact with the system in plain language for relevant information.
  •  Computer Vision interface to incorporate visual data that can incorporate facial recognition, expressions recognition, object recognition, visual data on health etc.