1. As a boutique consulting firm and an SME (Small Mid-size Enterprise), we know the value of a strong ecosystem of partners. Over the years we have built a wide network of partners and keep nurturing and growing it.
  2. We proudly leverage a wide range of OEM partner products and platforms, including Wizsm, Parabole,Typesift, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Snowflake, ThoughtSpot, Ui Path, Power Bi and more. Our strategic partnerships enable us to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.
    Recently, we have partnered with a Y-Combinator alumni SpeedyBrands, a Generative AI based product
  3. Within our network of global partners, there are well established and renowned companies such as Microsoft (Azure, PowerBI), Amazon AWS, Google (GCP), and Snowflake, as well as startups and small & midsize businesses that are newcomers to North America, such as Parabole.ai and Wizsm
  4. We have also established partnerships across the globe with service providers in Asia and Latin/South Americas
  5. While establishing partnerships, we look for organizations that have similar passion and vision as us, are flexible, customer focused, and willing to go the extra mile to create solutions.
  6. Our global partners bring a plethora of experiences from their works worldwide to help jointly design and develop solutions for our customers. We work in close collaboration with them to learn from each other and help come up with the right solutions.