Generative AI (GenAI)

At Sylphia Consulting inc. (SCi), we are paying attention to the Generative AI buzz, and have started working on our products, services and partnerships in this area. Notably, we have partnered with SpeedyBrand, a Y-Combinator alumni, with a successful online marketing product.

On the product development front, we are coming up with a suite of GenAI based tools and products integrated with our other partner platforms to help in research, customer service, policy mapping, data analysis, and many more. These are going to serve several verticals such as accounting, legal, banking, healthcare, etc. Some of them will be available as SaaS on a subscription basis on our website.

We recognize that in today’s world, GenAI poses one of the greatest opportunity and risk at the same time for all businesses. Those who are able to incorporate GenAI into their strategy and execution will thrive as leaders, and those who can’t, will face more and more challenges to keep up. With this in mind, at SCi, we are working on designing guidelines, courses & workshops for businesses to integrate GenAI into their overall Corporate Strategy as well as Organizational Strategy to compete and lead.

We also believe that change management and training of workforce need to be a core part of that strategy for any company. Just as the Internet and the software industry brought in disruptive changes upending processes that businesses use to follow before, GenAI is poised to upend the current processes. We are preparing training courses for the workforce to get familiar with GenAI tools, understand the advantages, know the risks and prepare accordingly.

We are walking into a new era. The more we know about it and the better prepared we are, the better we can understand, face and use it in our favour. Inquire with us on how we can help you understand, strategize and implement with GenAI.

Our GenAI based tools and products partner SpeedyBrand