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Sylphia Consulting Inc. (SCi) is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions and services including cloud computing, data analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Science, artificial intelligence, and other related areas. We are a fast-growing boutique & minority-owned solutions consulting firm based in Toronto. As a trusted consultancy, we specialize in delivering innovative strategies and practical guidance to help businesses navigate complex technological challenges. With a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, we offer innovative and tailored technology solutions to meet the unique needs of business across various industries. / At Sylphia Consulting inc. (SCI), we are committed to bringing value to our customers by providing the best possible solutions through our products & services in achieving their sustainable and responsible revenue and profit objectives.

Project implementation

where we work with large enterprises and help them execute in specific technology domains (e.g., migration of data and applications to Amazon AWS). In this model, our consultants engage with customers on both Time & Materials (T&M) as well as Statement of Work (SoW) basis.

Solution development and integration

where we partner with product development companies, from large and established ones such as Microsoft (for Azure, PowerBI etc.), Snowflake, Amazon (for AWS) to newer, cutting-edge startups and smaller companies such as Parabole.ai, Wizsm, TypeSift etc. based on our clients’ needs, we design and develop solutions by integrating different products, and lead implementation and support.

Custom/Bespoke solution build

where we develop custom solutions for our clients from the ground up, using technology building blocks.


  • Our ESG Focus: As mentioned previously, most of our services, projects and products are directly or indirectly related to ESG. They are geared towards bringing about social, environmental or governance change that helps the causes we believe in passionately. While designing solutions, we keep these factors in mind.
  • High Touch Service: Being a boutique solutions consultancy, we are highly committed to bringing value to our customers & clients. Our customers can rely on us to provide high quality products & service, being easily reachable, friendly, and flexible as and when needed.
  • Unique Solutions: Our unique solutions developed with combinations of innovative AI/machine learning with traditional BPM/Workflow and BI tools set up apart in many cases, sometimes making us the only choice. For example, a banking client looking for a information privacy solution couldn’t find anything comprehensive in the market when they came to us. We quickly configured a solution for them integrating two unique products.
  • Ethical Practice: If we are not able to fulfill a need, we provide the best possible guidance to our customers, even if that means losing business.


Our expertise lies in VAR (Value Added Reseller) Services, where we offer exceptional support for the products, we specialize in. Moreover, we excel in providing SI (System Integration) services, a vital component in implementing and integrating products seamlessly. Our proficiency extends to Cloud Setup, Migration & Support services, ensuring a smooth transition to cloud-based solutions.


We have been working on developing unique enterprise solutions involving AI, Workflow and traditional BI that are helping customers improve efficiency significantly and achieving excellent ROI’s.

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Customer reviews

What our customers are saying

SCI delivered a very customized training on the toolset and technology components for our Data & Analytics Platform on Public Cloud, based on our specific needs, which strengthened our ability to deliver high visibility programs.
SCI also shared case studies, industry best practices, training material and demos which were well received

Big 5 banking client

“Sylphia Consulting inc. team has been instrumental in creating data migration framework, as well as support for on-premise infrastructure”

Financial industry client

“Their data analytics team has helped us uncover deep insights and correlations that we weren’t even aware of”

Non profit client