Sylphia Consultancy started in 2004 delivering web-based solutions, and over the years, our expertise has expanded, enabling us to serve clients across diverse industries, including finance, retail, telecommunications, and more. Although Sylphia Consulting Inc. (SCI) was founded in 2004, until 2018 the business was primarily conducted by the founder Rij Basak as an independent consultant to help clients such as large banks manage, govern, and execute projects and programs, providing organizational strategy consultations, help setup governance models, and risk frameworks. After a personal health crisis leading to near death experience of the founding partner, since 2018, Rij was inspired to take broaden SCI’s business model to bring positive impactful change to the planet and the society by becoming more data and ESG focused. Since then, SCI has expanded its team to over 20 consultants and principals, partnering with near and offshore service providers, as well as building a ecosystem of large, medium and small technology partners, primarily in Canada and the US. SCI has been serving a variety of clients and customers in Canada, US, and UAE by providing services in designing, building, delivering and integrating solutions by working with its product partners, as well as building its own solutions primarily in the area of artificial intelligence.

Our Three Primary Pillars of Business are
Project implementation

where we work with large enterprises and help them execute in specific technology domains (e.g., migration of data and applications to Amazon AWS). In this model, our consultants engage with customers on both Time & Materials (T&M) as well as Statement of Work (SoW) basis.

Solution development and integration

where we partner with product development companies, from large and established ones such as Microsoft (for Azure, PowerBI etc.), Snowflake, Amazon (for AWS) to newer, cutting-edge startups and smaller companies such as, Wizsm, TypeSift etc. based on our clients’ needs, we design and develop solutions by integrating different products, and lead implementation and support.

Custom/Bespoke solution build

where we develop custom solutions for our clients from the ground up, using technology building blocks.

Besides the above, we also provide specialized training (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, or specific programming language such as Python, Java), workshops (organization or corporate strategy, data, or IT strategy), postproduction application and data support services in conjunction with our nearshore (Mexico) and offshore (India) teams. We are also developing our own products in the areas of computer vision-based AI for applications in healthcare, especially for developing countries (such as non-invasive hemoglobin detection, mental health assessment) and agriculture (disease detection through drone surveillance in remote areas). At this point most of our clients and customers are large enterprises or government entities. We also work with small and medium enterprises and startups in the US, Canada & the Middle East

We take great pride in having collaborated with renowned Fortune 500 enterprises, such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, Canadian Tire Corporations, Staples, among others. Additionally, our portfolio encompasses successful partnerships with mid-sized to small businesses, including dynamic start-up companies.

  • Banking & Financial Services: We are working with some of largest banks and insurance companies in Toronto, Canada to deliver cloud migration services, training, and workshops, as well as designing integrated AI, workflow & reporting solutions. Some of our customers are Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, Economical Insurance.
  • Government: We are working with government and government sponsored organizations, at both Federal and Provincial levels, to provide services in the areas of such as data migration, data analysis for mental health, development of AI Chatbot solution, etc. Some of our customers & clients in this sector are EDC (Export Development Canada) and DCO (Distress & Crisis Ontario).
  • Healthcare/MedTech: We are working around the area of healthcare with US and Canadian startup companies, as well as government sponsored organizations, in both physical and mental health. In addition, we are also building our own applications in areas of home healthcare such as non-invasive hemoglobin detection, assessment of mental health through triage and guidance to quicker treatment access, etc., especially geared towards elder and underserved communities.
  • Others: some of the other sectors we have been working in are Retail, Technology, Fintech and Agri-tech.