We are a purpose-driven organization passionate about bringing positive change in communities, society, and the world by introducing transformative technology solutions in areas that impact environment, society and governance. At SCI we believe that diversity, respect, and equity not only strengthen an organization, but they are also essential for the success of an organization. Within our own organization, we ensure diversity, equity, and inclusivity by employing minorities and students, empowering women, providing fair and adequate compensation and opportunity. We seek to work with diverse groups, such as indigenous, black and brown communities as partners. To build a responsible and sustainable future, we foster a green culture to reduce carbon footprint, by encouraging remote working, using shared workspace, providing carbon offsets. To help educate underserved children, we have recently announced a program to teach computer programming and mathematics to underserved children, where our consultants and engineers can volunteer. We also donate, and encourage our consultants and principals to donate, to several charitable and social foundations that are also aligned to our goals, including climate change, education, helping underserved communities, on a continuous basis. Hence our mission statement “Lead Responsibly, Sustainably, Equitably for A Brighter Future”